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Positive Classroom Management

Positive Classroom Management (3/5)

I believe I will be a teacher like a friend but like an adult. I love teaching, and children. I will have some certain rules, and some procedures but I will behave not like a robot teacher or not like a traditional teacher. I am an open-minded person, so I will listen all to my students and their concerns and comments about life and my lesson. I will believe that they can reach the achievement level that we expect from them.

I will also make them not only about the topics included in the lesson but also about themselves. I’ll make them see that I believe them to achieve the levels that I expect, and I‘ll make them realize if they also believe themselves, they will succeed and gain whatever they aim at. In my lesson, I can motivate to pay attention to the lesson by saying you will get “LCE”!. “LEC or FCT” stands for “Leave Class Earlier or Free Computer Time” and that means if they complete their group or seat work earlier, they will choose one of them. First one can be done if they complete their tasks and if there is 5 minutes left for the end of the lesson.

What about the off task behaviours during class? I will extremely support to behave in a friendly way that we use generally body-language or eye-contact. I will use most probably eye contact as a first approach to the off-task behaviour. After I try to give an interesting example about the topic including his/her name. Then, I can use body language and physical proximity. But I exactly avoid behaving in an offending way.

Note: This is a part of a whole article written by me. That is, you will find its continuation with this link.

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