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Managing Problem Behaviours

Managing Problem Behaviours (4/5)

At the beginning, I know that if students know my expectations from them, and if we together (me and my students) set the rules and procedures appropriately and well at the very beginning of the lesson, the problem behaviours are reduced. And, there will be both major and minor problem behaviours that we will face.

For the minor problem behaviour such as coming late, whispering and so on, I can remind them the rules and procedures. If we together realize that these rules and procedures do not work well, we can reset them. When I see that the current topic causes the problem behaviour, I can try to make the lesson more interesting and fun by using more materials, or at least I can use body language to make instruction more attractive and effective. Even though I try to eliminate the problem behaviour and if it is still on the stage, I can talk with the student about the situation causing the problem calmly and quietly. And again, if it persists, I can meet the student privately after the lesson and I want him/her to take the responsibility for regulating his/her own behaviour by giving him/her a contract ,which the problem behaviour and procedures are written on, to sign it and saying that “if you don’t comply with the contract, we can make an appointment with your parents to talk about the situation”.

For the major problem behaviour such as violence, there is nothing to say. I will be strict teacher and my all students will exactly know the procedures for this kind of situation that I will follow. The procedure is that if there is violence in my class, this will be solved in the disciplinary office.

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