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A Personal Perspective on Classroom Management for Computer Education

Rules and Procedures (1/5)

What a teacher wants to have is effective classroom management skills. No one was born with these skills. Everyone has gained or will gain them while experiencing day by day. Therefore, let’s begin with the Rules and Procedures.

I have already known importance of this part of the CM skills from TEGV* seminars. I have participated to their seminars but I’ve never got a chance to practice my knowledge there for some reason like having no time to go there, and so on. Anyway, I think that the most important thing, as a teacher, is to believe in what you do and yourself. As Napoleon Hill famously says, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Rules and Procedures

Let’s firstly think about the “Rules and Procedures”. I think I will pay so much attention to this part since rules and procedures is very important in Computer education. Let’s see why:
Most essential rules:

  1. DO NOT bring beverages and food to the computer labs!
  2. DO NOT start the computer until the teacher says you can!
  3. DO NOT play with cables!
  4. DO NOT hesitate to ask help from the teacher, if you have a problem with computer!
  5. DO NOT use the computer or any other electronic devices if your hands are wet!
  6. DO NOT disturb your friend or the teacher, while they are speaking!
  1. If you come to the lab sessions with beverages and/or food, eat them out of the classroom door but in front of it!
  2. If you find the computer already started, let the teacher know it, but if you start it before teacher allow you to start it, you’ll be given extra work to do individually and on the lab after the class.
  3. If you play with cables, you will get -10 points from your bonus grades. The reason to be applied this rule and procedure is that playing with electronic cables are DANGEROUS! If you have a broken cable, the cables may cause you to die!!
  4. If you have a question, please raise your hand and wait quietly!
  5. If you come to the lab session with your wet hands, DO NOT use computers or even touch them and any cables! They can also be DANGEROUS and FATAL! Please raise your hands quietly and say the situation to teacher, he will give you napkin.
  6. Without any important reasons If you disturb someone while he/she saying something, you’ll get a warning first. If you repeat this for a second time, you will cause your bonus grades to decrease by -5.
Note: This is a part of a whole article written by me. That is, you will find its continuation with this link.

Writer: yazar@yokartikya.com

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